Terms and

§1 Scope of services

The PeKo-Pharm GmbH supports clients in the recruitment of employees in freelance work, in permanent employment, as well as companies in restructuring projects and employees in your application management.

§2 Fee model

The placement fee for the position to be filled is calculated from a percentage agreed in advance with the client, which is multiplied by the annual gross salary fixed in the employment contract, plus bonuses calculated at the end of the first year of the business relationship to the agreed annual salary.

For follow-up orders between the client and PeKo-Pharm, a re-evaluation of the performance fee or the fee for the PeKo-Pharm GmbH takes place in advance.

With a commission from PeKo-Pharm, the minimum fee is 18,000.- € net. The percentage agreed by PeKo-Pharm with the client is calculated from the gross annual salary, plus the bonus payment defined and fixed in the employment contract of the mediated candidate. If the candidate mediated by PeKo-Pharm GmbH does not receive a bonus at the end of the year, no assertion will be made by the client or any reimbursement by PeKo-Pharm.

In the case of restructuring projects and applicant management, the agreement with the client is made in advance via a net daily flat rate or a net total fee in the defined project framework. The o.g. Conditions are understood plus the legally valid VAT.

The client undertakes not to conclude a contract of employment with any candidate, neither for freelance projects nor for permanent positions, with the candidates presented by PeKo-Pharm GmbH within one year, without the PeKo-Pharm here as in to remunerate the above-mentioned fee agreement. PeKo-Pharm GmbH is fully entitled to the agreed agency fee. The fee also accrues to the contracting authority if the proposed candidate enters into a contractual relationship with an affiliated company to which a direct or indirect shareholding exists.

Upon successful conclusion of the employment contract, the client must notify within one week a notification and proof, indicating the actual gross annual payments including bonuses, to inform PeKo-Pharm GmbH of the conclusion of the employment relationship between the client and the proposed candidate, which must be done in writing , Bonuses can not be reimbursed retroactively by PeKo-Pharm GmbH.

The consultants of PeKo-Pharm GmbH have in-depth expertise through their international project and management experience in leading companies. Due to many years of professional experience and the resulting expertise in the field of executive search in the life science and healthcare industry, the PeKo-Pharm shareholders set up and expanded a closely meshed network. The combination of technical expertise, experience and social competence leads our customers back to the successful track through the targeted use of efficient and effective solutions.

§3 Expenses and additional costs

Incurring expenses and other ancillary costs, which arise within the contractual relationship and go beyond the usual extent, are agreed in advance with the client and billed separately. Travel costs and interview fees are settled directly between the proposed candidate and the customer.

§4 Warranty

PeKo-Pharm GmbH fulfills every order given to the best of its conscience, combined with the highest standards of quality and use. The contractual business relationship ends with invoicing on the part of PeKo-Pharm GmbH and begins again with a new order.

§5 Payment terms

The fee is payable 14 days after receipt of the invoice without deductions from the client plus VAT.

§6 Liability

PeKo-Pharm assumes no liability for mediated candidates in permanent employment, nor for employed in freelance projects interim managers / freelancers.

The work processes as well as intervals in restructuring projects, as well as the final results are discussed with the client in regular time intervals, whereby PeKo-Pharm GmbH is thus acquitted of damages.

§7 Confidentiality

All information must be treated confidentially by the parties involved in the respective business relationship and may not be disclosed to third parties. With first contact all information is to be treated confidentially and may be used only after consultation.

§8 Miscellaneous

The services provided in terms of these terms and conditions are subject to German law.

Should any provision of the Terms and Conditions be or become ineffective or unenforceable, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.

All additional agreements for any business relationship must be in writing.

Place of performance and jurisdiction is Munich Germany.